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February 19 2017

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Its a Trap
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i just wrote a reply and lost it. there goes another two hours.. *sigh*

my point was his lack of arguments. his generalizations are based on nothing more than anecdote his conclusion that and if he halfway decides he is actually talking about regressives, the exact opposite. and then continues to to shit on the term "progressivism" anyway. and acts like his condemnation of a vague umbrella term (aand the opposite term, somehow) is some sort of valuable insight, and then just suggesting just run in the opposite vague direction (surely no regressives there, right?) because .. flight reflex?

very unsurprising for such a vague term, legitimate criticism of "left" ideas is nothing new. criticism that compares models and challenges arguments. and there are long standing unfortunate tendencies in the "left" like rejecting any economic thinking or trying to define every problem in terms of victims and perpetrators are nothing new. (not that conservatives don't like to play the victim: for them it tends to be enough to be criticized..). i have no idea what part of the video you see as valuable, it's not contributing to raise the standards of discussion as far as i see..

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True beauty of the Soup.io
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They see me rollin...

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